Huygen's Principle

Huygens principle animation by Peter McGoron. Code.

You are allowed to use recordings of this animation for any purpose. The license for the code is in the repository.

To place a plane wave, click on “Select an Action” and select “Place Plane Wave”. Left click and hold on the grey area to start placing a plane wave. Move your mouse cursor around to adjust the orientation of the wave, and release left click to let the wave move.

To place an atom, select “Place Atom”. Left click on a location in a grey area to place an atom.

To set up an example of Huygen’s principle on a periodic surface, click “Create Periodic Array”.

You can also adjust the angle of new plane waves using the “Angle” box. You can speed up and slow down the animation by adjutsing the “Animation Speed” box.

Animation Speed: Angle: